Basic knowledge of airless bottle

1. About airless bottle

The contents of the airless bottle can be completely blocked from the air to prevent the product from oxidizing and mutating due to touching the air, and breeding bacteria. The high-tech concept promotes the product level. Vacuum bottles that pass through the mall are composed of a cylindrical ellipsoidal container and a piston at the bottom of the set. Its planning principle is to use the shortening force of the tension spring, and not allow air to enter the bottle, causing a vacuum condition, and use atmospheric pressure to push the piston at the bottom of the bottle forward. However, because the spring force and atmospheric pressure cannot provide sufficient force, the piston cannot be too tightly attached to the bottle wall, otherwise the piston will not be able to move forward due to excessive resistance; otherwise, if the piston is to advance easily, it will be prone to leakage Therefore, the vacuum bottle has very high requirements on the professionalism of the manufacturer.

The introduction of vacuum bottles conforms to the latest development trend of skin care products, and can effectively protect the fresh quality of products. However, due to the complicated structure and high cost of vacuum bottles, the application of vacuum bottle packaging is limited to a limited number of products and cannot be fully rolled out in the mall to meet the needs of different levels of skin care product packaging.

The manufacturer pays attention to the protection and decoration of skin care and skin care product packaging, and begins to develop the functionality of skin care product packaging to make the concept of "fresh", "natural" and "preservative-free" well deserved.


2. Vacuum packaging skills

Vacuum packaging skills are a new concept with absolute advantages. This packaging skill has helped many new brands and new formulas go smoothly. Once the vacuum packaging is assembled, from the filling of the packaging to the use of the customer, the minimal air can enter the container and contaminate or differentiate the contents. This is the strength of vacuum packaging-it provides a safe packaging device for the product to prevent contact with the air, the possibility of changes and oxidation that may occur during the descent, especially the natural ingredients that are in urgent need of protection and delicacy. In the voice of the call, vacuum packaging is more important for extending the shelf life of products.

Vacuum packaging products are different from the common common straw-type standard pumps or spray pumps. Vacuum packaging uses the principle of dividing the inner cavity to knead and discharge the contents. When the inner diaphragm moves up to the inside of the bottle, a pressure is formed, and the content is present at a vacuum condition close to 100%. Another vacuum method is to use a vacuum soft bag, placed inside a hard container, the concept of the two is almost the same. The former is widely used and is an important selling point for brands, because it consumes less resources and can also be regarded as "green".

Vacuum packaging also provides accurate dosage control. When the discharge hole and specific vacuum pressure are set, regardless of the shape of the indenter, each dosage is accurate and quantitative. Therefore, the dosage can be adjusted by changing a part, from a few microliters or a few milliliters, all adjusted according to the needs of the product.

Product preservation and hygiene are the key values ??of vacuum packaging. Once the contents are taken out, there is no way to put them back in the original vacuum packaging. Because the planning principle is to ensure that each application is fresh, safe, and carefree. The internal organization of our products has no doubts about the rust of the spring, nor will it contaminate the contents.

The customer's perception affirms the value of vacuum products invisible. Compared with general standard pumps, sprays, straws, and other packaging components, the use of vacuum packaging is smooth, the dosage is fixed, and the appearance is high, making it occupy a huge shopping mall of luxury products.

Post time: May-09-2020